Toyota World of Newton Renews Platinum Sponsorship

Thanks to Toyota, NBYFL is going places!

Updated Saturday June 27, 2015 by NBYFL.

If you are a Newton Braves Youth Football participant of any kind (player, parent, associated family member, neighbor and/or fan, etc.) please stop by Toyota World of Newton and Subaru World of Newton and tell them how much the Braves (you, we) appreciate their extremely generous and much needed support.

Go Braves!  With Toyota, we go places... THANK YOU, TOYOTA!

NBYFL is grateful to Toyota World of Newton for its leadership in giving back to and being involved in its community. Thank you Toyota World of Newton!

Toyota World of Newton, always an industry leader, has the lead in giving back to and investing in its Newton NJ and surrounding communities. Toyota World of Newton, in conjunction with Subaru World of Newton, is helping NBYFL keep participation costs to one of the lowest anywhere, so that all interested youth in our community can have an opportunity to play. A portion of Toyota's contribution goes directly to our HRA (Hardship Registration Aid) fund. Toyota World's sponsorship has greatly helped NBYFL cover many new challenges and increasing costs of operation, and allowed NBYFL to use other fundraising efforts fully toward the purchase of new, better and safer equipment.

Go Braves!  With Toyota, we go places... THANK YOU, TOYOTA!